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OnlineMSWPrograms.com is owned and operated by 2U Inc.

For the 2U brands, including Trilogy Education Services and GetSmarter, eliminating the back row in higher education is not just a metaphor–it’s our mission.

For more than a decade, 2U, a global leader in education technology, has been a trusted partner and brand steward of great universities. 2U builds, delivers, and supports hundreds of digital and in-person educational offerings, including degrees, professional certificates, Trilogy-powered boot camps, and GetSmarter short courses.

From day one, 2U has always believed that universities are unparalleled engines of social and economic mobility. That’s why partnerships with great institutions of higher learning are central to our model.

2U combines the world-class faculty, curriculum and teaching from our university partners with 2U’s proprietary operating system - 2UOS - and industry-leading expertise in technology, digital marketing, student support, clinical placements, and data architecture. This allows us to jointly build sustainable programs that deliver high quality, life-changing outcomes for learners.

OnlineMSWPrograms.com was created to help students find information about online Master of Social Work programs. When we started the site, we wanted to create the only comprehensive directory of schools offering online MSW programs on the internet, and we believe we have achieved that goal. We decided to focus on online MSW programs for several reasons, including:

  • The structure of these programs is quite confusing for students with the field education requirements. In addition, many hybrid programs use the term “online” when they actually require students to visit the campus several times per year.
  • Many of the websites focused on online MSW programs actually include related degrees like Master’s in Counseling or Master’s in Psychology. Our site is 100% dedicated to online MSW programs. All schools listed on the site are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) – the only organization that accredits Master of Social Work programs.
  • We wanted to create a free and comprehensive resource where the information and content comes first, not paying advertisers. We do not create “top 10” lists filled with paid advertisers. Our goal is to keep the site comprehensive and up-to-date as new schools start offering online programs.

We care about your feedback. If you find something that is incorrect on our site, we want to know. If we are missing a school that offers an online or hybrid MSW program, we want to know that as well. Finally, if you feel we are missing content that would be useful to prospective students, let us know and we will do our best to add that content as we continue to build and grow the site. Feel free to contact us and leave feedback.


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